Dentures Types and How to Make them Stay Long?

Dentures Types and How to Make them Stay Long?

Feb 01, 2021

Teeth loss no matter what is your age is a quite big loss. Teeth are an important part of eating and digestion. Without having teeth, you can’t imagine a happy life. If it happens at early stages, you can suffer more than those with whom it happens later on in life.

Dentures are an easy option to deal with the situation very easily. It is nothing but an artificial replacement for your natural teeth that you can easily avail yourself at any dental clinic. We are providing dentures in SE Calgary. You can avail of our top-notch dental services at any point in time.

There are different types of dentures are available and one can pick up the one based on their requirement. This procedure can be used to replace a full set of teeth, half and sometimes two to three.

Why You Should Wear Dentures?

The person who loses his/her teeth knows how miserable this change makes their life. It not only affects physically but mentally also. It makes them impaired for eating. Tooth loss creates many other issues like it reduce your confidence in being a part of society. Dentures resolve all these issues brilliantly and provide the following benefits.

  • Retain the chewing force that retains comfort in eating and improves digestion.
  • Supports the facial bone structure and maintain the aesthetics of the face.
  • Reduce the viability of your mouth to opt oral infections and issues.
  • Easy and convenient replacement for decayed and damaged teeth.
  • Retain your beautiful smile once again.

Different Categories of Dentures

As the dental problems vary from person to person, similarly the dentures are classified in several types that can resolve all your issues promptly and potentially.

a) Full or Complete Dentures

They are the best choice for those people who lose their whole set of upper and lower teeth. They are generally removable and are easy to maintain.

They can be removed for proper cleaning. They are usually created in U-shape and placed perfectly inside your mouth. Their functionality and durability depend on how perfectly they set inside your mouth.

If you are seeking maximum benefits from the procedure, you should go to a trained professional and an authentic place for having dentures near you.

b) Implants

This treatment is considered long-lasting because it is done permanently inside the mouth. The replacement made through implants is permanent and strong when compared with other available treatments. They are permanent so are a little bit more expensive but are lambasting.

Implants can be the solution for your problem or not. It totally depends on your choice. You should take professional advice on what should be the right fit for you according to your oral health and remaining teeth.

c) Partial Dentures

They are a convenient option for those people who lose their one or two teeth accidentally. New teeth are adjoined with the existing teeth with the clasps. The success of this procedure depends on the health of the remaining teeth if they can support the replacement or not.

How to Maintain Dentures?

Here is how you can maintain your dentures:

Dentures are the best possible solution to make a replacement for missing teeth. You should make one thing clear that they are not permanent so you are required to replace them after some years.

If you want to skip rapid replacements, you should know how to keep dentures properly clean and maintained. Here are some tips that you must follow to ensure the longevity of their life:

  • Follow the instructions given by your dentist to keep them in a good shape.
  • Thoroughly rinse them into the water for deep cleaning. The process will remove all the food particles from them and ensure no dirt and bacteria. If you will keep them clean, it will reduce their wear and tear and you can have them inside your mouth for a maximum of 30 years, which is not less time.
  • Brush your dentures with a mild cleaner and soft bristle brush. Avoid using an electric toothbrush, regular paste, and hard bristles for your teeth.

We understand your smile is important for you. Keep it always bright with any means available. In any case, if you end-up up losing it, you should make an immediate contact at Sedona Dental for quality dentures in SE Calgary AB.

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