Partial Dentures in Calgary, AB

Partial dentures are one of the available options here at Sedona Dental in Calgary to replace missing teeth. While dental bridges and implants are permanent, partial dentures are removable so you can take them off easily.

Replacing missing teeth is something we recommend here at Sedona Dental, and if you’re interested in partial dentures near you, we can help out. We always present our patients with all their options and provide our recommendations. If you prefer partial dentures to dental implants and bridges, we’ll do everything we can to provide them for you with excellent results.

Partial Dentures

What to Expect with Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are removable, as we mentioned earlier. They’re attached to nearby teeth using clasps. You should be able to put them on and take them off without difficulties. When you first get your dentures, however, we’ll ask you to keep them on for extended periods.

It’s important to make sure they’re fitting properly and aren’t causing you any discomfort. We’ll have you try them on here in the office and examine your dental cavity. We’ll also ask you how you’re feeling. If they’re too tight, loose, or causing an abnormal bite, we can adjust them for you.

Adjusting to dentures will take some time, especially if you’ve had a missing tooth for a long time. You’ll stop noticing them after a while. We recommend eating soft food that doesn’t stick while wearing your dentures. Gum should be avoided as much as possible.


Taking Care of Your Dentures

Dentures should be taken off before you sleep. It’s best to take them off while standing over a towel in case you drop them. They should be cleaned using hand soap or very mild dishwashing liquid. Toothpaste and cleaners are abrasive and will damage the dentures.

Brush your dentures with a toothbrush to remove any food particles. Soft brushes are preferred. We don’t recommend using any dental cleaners while the denture is still in your mouth. Take it out before starting to clean it. When you’re done, leave them in a glass of water while you sleep to keep them from getting dry.

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