Get Quality Dental Treatment From Your General Dentist

Get Quality Dental Treatment From Your General Dentist

Oct 13, 2021

When it comes to getting general health treatment, your doctor is the best person you can consult. It is the same with dental health. You can see your general dentist for so many dental consultations and dental issues. Ever gotten general dentistry in Calgary? Our dentists at Calgary offer quality dental services.

General dentistry is a department in dentistry that is involved in diagnoses, examination, treatment, and prevention of dental diseases and infections that threatens our dental health. General maintenance of the teeth is the role of a general dentist.

Unlike some dental specialists that are specialized in certain dental procedures, a general dentist acquires little knowledge from every dental department. Though a general dentist might not know every particular information about some dental procedures like dental specialists that are specialized in those aspects, they can also treat or diagnose and then recommend or refer you to a particular dental specialist for effective treatment. Asides from dental specialists that are specialized in dental fields like orthodontics, oral & maxillofacial surgery, oral & maxillofacial pathology, oral & maxillofacial radiology, pedodontics, endodontics, and dental public health, a general dentist is specialized in general dental health. This means that they know about all the dental departments though not as much as the dental specialists who are specialized in those departments.

Can I Get Preventive And Restorative Dental Care From A General Dentist Near Me?

Of course, you can get preventive and restorative dental treatment from a general dentist anywhere. Although a general dentist can perform both restorative and preventive dental procedures, some dentists still seek additional training to allow them to become more specialized in these dental departments. However, a general dentist can still perform these dental procedures regardless. In some cases, the general dentist might refer the patient to a particular dental department if the dental case is complicated and needs serious analysis.

Your general dentist can provide you with preventive dental care. Preventive dental care or preventive dentistry involves the prevention of dental damages with various dental procedures. In preventive dentistry, patients are treated against dental mishaps that could happen later in the future. We are all familiar with the saying “prevention is better than cure” right?

There are various preventive dental procedures you can get from your general dentist. They are:

  • Fluoride Treatment: this is a type of dental procedure that involves the use of minerals that are needed to strengthen the teeth and prevent the teeth from becoming vulnerable to tooth decay and infections. With the use of fluoride, you can save your dental structure from future damage
  • Dental Sealants: these are hard tiny coverings that are placed on your teeth to prevent cavities from finding refuge in your dental structure.
  • Dental Exams and Cleanings: this involves routine dental checkups and professional dental cleanings. During dental exams, the teeth are thoroughly examined by the dentist to make sure there are no dental diseases and infections that might manifest later. The dentist can also check for oral cancers through oral cancer screening during dental exams.

You can also get restorative dental care from a general dentist near you. Restorative dental care or restorative dentistry involves the repairing and rebuilding of damages or injured tooth structures. The kind of restorative dental care you can get from your general dentist. You can get quality restorative dental treatment from a ​dentist in SE Calgary.

  • Dental fillings: they are used to fill teeth that have been damaged by accident or cavities. People who suffer from a broken or chipped tooth can get dental fillings to restore their tooth.
  • Dental crowns: they are tooth-like dental accessories that are used to replace a missing tooth. People who get their tooth knocked off accidentally or even through tooth extraction, can get dental crowns to restore their dental structure. Dental crowns are also referred to as cosmetic dental treatments. This means that they beautify and complete your dental appearance.
  • Dental Implants: they are screws that are fused into the jaw bone to replace a tooth that has been extracted from its socket. After the screw is fused into the jaw, a dental crown can be used to complete the treatment.
  • Dentures: these are fake or artificial teeth that use to fill in the space left by misplaced teeth. Unlike dental implants that are fused inside the jaw bone, dentures are attached differently.

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