Will the Use of Sedatives in Dentistry Prevent Fear of Dental Procedures?

Will the Use of Sedatives in Dentistry Prevent Fear of Dental Procedures?

Feb 01, 2023

Do you avoid going to the dentist due to fear and anxiety? Dental phobia is a common condition that prevents patients from having routine dental treatments. For decades dentists have used sedation dentistry to help patients relax and receive dental treatments. For sedation dentistry in Calgary, AB, schedule an appointment at our dental offices near you.

How safe is oral sedation?

Oral sedation is one of three sedation options used by dentists to relieve anxiety and fear. The sedative is taken as a pill hours before the appointment. Oral sedation decreases activity in parts of your brain responsible for anxiety and fear. This sedation is safe and will make you relaxed and calm throughout the procedure. Advantages of oral sedation include:

  • Safe. The FDA regulates oral sedatives, which are unlikely to have negative side effects.
  • Easy to Administer. It is the easiest form of sedation since you swallow the pill an hour before the appointment.
  • Needle-free. Afraid of needles? Well, you don’t have to worry about that with oral sedation. The sedation is taken orally.
  • Responsive. Although you will be drowsy after the pill kicks in, you will be awake and responsive during the procedure.

To learn more about oral sedation and other dental sedation options, visit us at Sedona Dental.

How will I feel after dental sedation?

Side effects after dental sedation are completely normal and are to be expected after the procedure. Be sure to address your sedation options with your dentist before deciding on one. The following are common side effects of dental sedation.

  • Slow reflexes. Your body is slowed down when sedated. Therefore, it is expected that your body will take time before it resumes its normal state. Because of this, you may experience slow reflexes after waking up. Commit yourself to do minimal activities at home to avoid compromising your safety. Take the whole day off to give your body time to rest and regain energy.
  • Drowsiness. This is a common side effect of sedation dentistry. The effects may last longer even after the procedure is done. Certain sedations will alter your perception or make you sleepy after being administered. For this reason, its recommended to patients bring a friend or relative to drive them home afterward.
  • Low Blood Pressure. Dental sedation decreases blood flow and intracranial pressure. This could lead to low blood pressure levels, which can cause headaches, dizziness, or drowsiness.
  • Headache. You may have a headache after a sedation procedure. The contraction of facial and scalp muscles likely causes headaches. Fortunately, these headaches start to wear off immediately after recovery starts. However, visit a sedation dentistry near you if the headaches start to be severe and more frequent.
  • Feeling Sick. You may experience nausea after the treatment. Your body will need time to recover from the cloudiness of the sedation and the process of readapting its senses. Avoid heavy meals and alcoholic drinks after sedation.
  • Feelings of Heaviness or Sluggishness. Sedation dentistry will relax your muscles up to the point that one is in a trance-like state. And because of this, one will experience a feeling of heaviness and sluggishness. According to our dentist in Calgary, one shouldn’t operate heavy machinery or even drive themselves after sedation.

Sedation Before a Dental Procedure Safe?

There are no risks that come with having sedation before dental treatment. However, ask your dentist questions if you are unsure about the type of sedation best for you. Additionally, share your medical history with the dentist, and currently you are on any medications. The following are tips on how you can prepare for a sedation dentistry appointment.

  • Hydrate. The day before the appointment takes at least eight glasses of water. You can also eat fruits that have high water content, like watermelon.
  • Comfortable Clothes. Wear clothes that you will be comfortable in a while sleeping for a long period.
  • Empty Stomach. You are not eating anything before your appointment is a number rule in sedation dentistry. This means not taking snacks after midnight of the night before the procedure. The reason is to prevent nausea or sickness after the procedure.
  • Arrange for Transportation. After the procedure, you will not be fit to drive yourself home. Arrange for an ideal person who will drive you home afterward.

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