What is the Next Step After a Dental Implant is Placed?

What is the Next Step After a Dental Implant is Placed?

Oct 01, 2022

Missing and rotten teeth can decrease your quality of life. But dental implants can help you complete your missing smile confidently. The entire procedure can take between 6 – 9 months. The permanent tooth restoration device could last for your whole life. As per the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, implants are the closest to your natural and healthy teeth. If you are planning to get the procedure, check out the steps for the entire process.

What Are the Three Steps to a Dental Implant?

The following are the three steps of the implant procedure:

1. Placement of Implant

In the first step, the surgeon or dentist adds the implant to the jawbone surgically. Now, the expert gives anesthesia to the patient so that he/she can make a tiny incision in the gums. It helps in putting a titanium screw into the jawbone.

The entire process usually depends on the number of dental implants you need. Usually, the entire process can take 45 minutes to 2 hours. The implant replaces the tooth root and needs some healing time. It usually takes 3-6 months for the dental implant to blend properly into the jawbone. During dental implant healing stages, osseointegration occurs. The bone cells fuse to the dental implant rod.

2. Placing the Abutment

The post that links the prosthetic tooth to an implant is known as an abutment. It helps the implant to stay in its position. Usually, the abutment has its healing period. It usually takes 4-6 weeks for the gums to heal around the abutment. During this, you must stick to the instructions for cleaning and the foods suggested for you to eat.

3. Placing the Dental Crown

It is the final step of the implant process. The crown is tailored for the patient to match it with the remaining teeth. During this, the dentist links the abutment to the dental implant for easy crown placement over the abutment.

What Are the Stages of a Dental Implant?

Below are the stages of dental implant:

1. Consultation

In the first stage, the dental expert will fix an initial consultation. During this, the expert will ask you about your medical history and check your teeth and mouth to ensure you are the best candidate for implantation or not.

The dentist finds if your jawbone is strong enough to provide support to the dental implant and other factors. If it’s not the face, he/she suggests a sinus lift on bone grafting. You need to fix a separate surgery.

2. Dental Implant Surgery

Now, the dental professional will set up your implant surgery. He/she gives local anesthesia for IV sedation. Now, the expert will form an incision into the jawbone and gums to place the implant. After that, the expert cleans the wound and shuts down the incision. If you need multiple implants, the surgery may take more time.

3. Osseointegration

The waiting process after the dental implants procedure is known as osseointegration. After several months, the implant will integrate into the jawbone and provide support to your fake tooth. The entire process takes 3 – 6 months. It is a crucial process to ensure the success of implant treatment in the long term.

4. Abutment Surgery

The next stage is attaching the abutment to the dental implant surgically. Abutment surgery usually takes two weeks of healing time and may be shorter than the first one.

During this, the dentist will give a local anesthesia or sedation and make an incision through the gums. Then he/she adds the abutment and tiny hook to the implant to shut it down. After that, the professional clean up the incision.

5. Manufacturing of Fake Tooth

The next stage includes the fabrication of the fake tooth or crown. For this, the dentist takes the mouth impressions and ensures that the customized crown or bridge fits your mouth perfectly.

6. Placement of Fake Tooth

Finally, the expert fits the artificial tooth by hooking it to your abutment. He/she will also check to find out if the appearance, feel, and fitting of full mouth dental implants suit you. If you are not happy, the dentist makes the required changes to make you completely satisfied.

To know more details about the procedure, call our expert restorative dentist at Sedona Dental.

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