The Ultimate Handbook on Maintaining and Preserving Your Invisalign Aligners

The Ultimate Handbook on Maintaining and Preserving Your Invisalign Aligners

Mar 01, 2023

If you own a pair of Invisalign aligners, you ought to learn how to maintain and preserve them so they may serve you for an extended period. That can be a challenge if you just got yours and didn’t know how. It’s for that reason that our dentist in Calgary, AB, found it necessary to provide guidelines to help you maintain your Invisalign aligners while at home.

What Are Invisalign Aligners?

Invisalign is a transparent, clear alternative to braces. They are removable, nearly invisible, and work the same way as braces by aligning crooked teeth. Their transparent nature has made it popular, especially among teens and adults who are self-conscious about their appearance. You can hardly tell someone is wearing Invisalign even when they talk, laugh or smile, which isn’t the case with traditional braces.

You can also eat what you want when you want, as they don’t come with any dietary restrictions. All you need to do is take them off before eating so they don’t gather plaque which may be hard to clean off afterward. It’s important to wear your Invisalign trays soon after you are done eating since the aligners need to be worn for at least 20 hours a day to be effective.

How to Maintain Invisalign Aligners

Like regular teeth, you need to take good care of your aligners so they can serve you for an extended period. Here are tips to help you maintain your Invisalign aligners:

Clean Them Often

Good news. You don’t have to clean your aligners more times than you brush your day (two times a day). This makes things easier since you can clean your aligners after taking them off to brush your teeth. However, you should make it a habit to brush your teeth and rinse your aligners after taking them off to have a meal to get rid of trapped food particles or debris between your teeth.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

To clean your aligners, rinse them off with lukewarm water and brush them gently using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Don’t use hot water to clean your aligners. Many assume hot water would work best as a cleaning solution since it can kill bacteria. However, that’s not the case with Invisalign aligners since they are made of plastic and can warp when exposed to high temperatures.

Secondly, avoid abrasive tooth cleaning products like abrasive toothpaste or toothbrush as they can scratch your aligners. If you don’t know which product to buy, talk to our Invisalign dentist in Calgary, AB; they will be happy to assist you in choosing the right Invisalign cleaning products. After cleaning your aligners, rinse them and brush your teeth before putting them on. Brushing your teeth before wearing Invisalign aligners is crucial as it will eliminate plaque and bacteria that might have built up on your teeth, especially after a meal. Don’t forget to clean your Invisalign case, too, since that is where you’ll store them when not wearing them.

Soak Your Aligners Once a Day

One of the best ways to preserve and maintain your Invisalign is to soak them in cleaning crystals for 15 minutes or longer at least once daily. Cleaning crystals have several benefits when it comes to cleaning Invisalign aligners. A few of them include the following:

  • Effective at removing plaque and bacteria from aligners, therefore, protecting you from gum disease
  • Keep your aligners clear and transparent, so they don’t get stained
  • Extend the life of your aligners by safeguarding them from plaque and bacteria, which can damage Invisalign

If you notice a lot of plaque buildup, soak your aligners in white vinegar and a lukewarm water solution. Take your Invisalign out of the solution after approximately 15 minutes, and then gently brush it with a soft toothbrush before rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Aligners

Although they are made from high-quality dental-grade plastic, clear aligners need regular cleaning and other forms of maintenance to stay attractive and effective. Not maintaining them properly may expose them to elements that can cause staining, discoloration, or even damage. Here’s why you should always clean your aligners:

  • It prevents the buildup of plaque and bacteria, which can damage the aligners or cause dental problems such as tooth decay and periodontitis
  • Eliminates bad breath, which is often a result of rotting food particles trapped in the mouth
  • Ensures your aligners don’t get stained, which may cause them to become less clear/ transparent

Get Your Aligners Checked Regularly by Your Orthodontist

Your aligners are not as invincible as you may have thought, so they may get damaged after falling down or being subjected to hot temperatures. Visit Sedona Dental to have your aligners checked regularly by the best dentist near you. We will also do a dental exam to check if your teeth have been aligning correctly and whether there are any risks of cavities or infection.

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