An In-Depth Guide to General Dentistry: Everything You Need to Know

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An In-Depth Guide to General Dentistry: Everything You Need to Know

Jun 01, 2020

Teeth typically experience wear and tear each day regardless of how well you take care of them. For this reason, you need the extra boost to help keep your teeth and gums healthy by seeking general dentistry in Calgary, AB.

Your oral health typically affects your overall health. Strange enough, your oral health is linked to many illnesses. On the other hand, chronic conditions can make you more susceptible to periodontal diseases. This is why our dentist will always ask about your medical history.

Believe it or not, our dentists care about your overall health more than you think. For this reason, seeking general dentistry near you is not a luxury but a necessity. Let’s see why.

General Dentistry 101

General dentistry covers a host of dental services that range from exams and cleanings to root canal treatment. In a nutshell, general dentistry in Calgary has a common goal, and that is to preserve your natural teeth and maintain your oral health.

Since oral health is a vital component of your general health, maintenance of your oral health should start early in life. This will help in promoting proper oral habits that will ensure that you look and feel great throughout your life.

This is why you should bring your toddlers to the dentist to help them get accustomed to the environment. Additionally, our general dentist can also check whether there are early signs of tooth decay.

Each stage in life typically carries with it specific health concerns and our dentist is capable of addressing them.

Who Is a General Dentist?

When it comes to dental health, our general dentist is the primary dental care provider. Our general dentist can take care of the whole family. In addition to the array of services offered, our general dentist keeps track of your general health.

What Qualifications Do General Dentists Possess?

After completing four years in an accredited dental school, general dentists have a degree in dentistry. Additionally, they have fulfilled the requirements of state licensing boards.

You might notice that some dentists have the initials DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) following their names while others have DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine). The significant difference between the two is the title that the dentist used on their school’s degree. Other than that, their training and education are the same.

Other dentists will receive specialized training in addition to their standard training like implant placement or cosmetic procedures.

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What Does General Dentistry Include?

As you know by now, general dentistry has an array of services which include:

    • Preventive Services

These services are offered to help you maintain proper oral health by stopping diseases from developing. Under this category, expect to undergo regular exams which include the use of diagnostic imaging technology and professional teeth cleanings.

You will be given additional instructions on how you can improve your oral health at home. If you also lead an active lifestyle, our general dentist will fit you with a custom-made mouthguard.

    • Restorative Services

When our dentist discovers a problem, you are assured of getting the proper treatment. If you have tooth decay, expect a filling to be placed in the affected tooth. Or in case of a dental trauma like a broken tooth, our general dentist can also perform the appropriate restorative procedure.

Our general dentist can also diagnose and treat periodontal disease or gum disease. Also, if you have missing teeth, he or she can offer the necessary treatments such as dentures and bridges.

You can also expect to receive orthodontics, dental implants, and root canal therapy when the circumstance calls for any of the services.

    • Cosmetic Procedures

General dentists can also help you get a sparkling smile. There is an assortment of cosmetic procedures that our general dentist can offer including teeth whitening and porcelain veneers.

    • Overall Health Concerns

Your oral health can reflect the state of your overall health. Some dental issues are known to affect other parts of your body and vice versa. For example, periodontal disease can lead to an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease and more inadequate control of diabetes.

Our general dentist is capable of identifying these issues and offer the necessary treatment. You will be referred to the appropriate specialists if the need arises.

These are the most common services that our general dentist offers. So, if you are looking for general dentistry in Calgary, AB, contact our team at Sedona Dental to schedule an appointment.

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