Advantages of Switching to an Electric Toothbrush

Advantages of Switching to an Electric Toothbrush

Jun 01, 2022

If you think that you are not perfect at brushing your teeth, switch to an electric toothbrush for better dental health. It is highly effective in eliminating plaque and an excellent choice for maintaining teeth with braces. An electric toothbrush is also great for the disabled and kids. Unlike manual toothbrushes, electricity-powered brushes have bristles that rotate or vibrate to eradicate plaque accumulation from gums and teeth.

Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush

Below are the pros of the electric toothbrush at Sedona Dental:

Gentle Brushing

Did you know three out of four individuals brush their teeth aggressively? So, if you are brushing your teeth too hard, it can affect your gum health and may result in irritation. Thus, an electric toothbrush is the best way to lower damage to teeth while ensuring a thorough cleaning.

Longer Brushing Time

Users of electronic toothbrushes are set for the same time for each quadrant. In-built timers help you brush long enough to eliminate plaque accumulation effectively from gums and teeth. It means they also allow you to track brushing time accurately.

This provides long and better brushing, making it more convenient. Therefore, motivating your kid to use it allows you to count all the hard-to-reach areas that he/she missed.

Perfect for Individuals with Restricted Mobility

Electronic toothbrushes are ideal for those with a limited abilities like people with arthritis, developmental disabilities, etc. It helps them brush their teeth appropriately with less pain.

Creates Minimal Waste

Replacing your standard toothbrush with an electric one causes less waste. It’s because you just need to replace the head rather than the entire brush.

Moreover, the battery and body of an electric toothbrush stay for three to five years on average. On the other hand, most manual brushes are use-and-throw. They are also manufactured with plastic material, which causes harm to our planet earth.


Electronic toothbrushes are very simple to use. As long as you move the head in the right way, you are all set. The more high-tech electric toothbrushes now come with smart features like Bluetooth connectivity, oscillating heads, etc.

Safe for Gums

Electronic brushes, when used correctly do not cause damage to tooth enamel or gums. Rather, they boost the overall health of an individual.

More Effective at Plaque Removal

Studies have shown that electric-powered brushes lower plaque levels and gingivitis effectively compared to manual toothbrushes. Plaque accumulation was decreased by 21% and gingivitis by 11% after three months of usage.

Moreover, rotating toothbrushes function much better than vibrating brushes. Brushes with oscillating heads effectively remove plaque, preventing gum diseases and tooth decay.

Fun to Use for Kids

Asking a kid to brush their teeth can be a difficult task. However, with an electronic brush, you can make it much simple. Children find electric toothbrushes a fun way to brush their teeth. Few models come with music to signify whether it’s time to switch sides or stop. Moreover, soft bristles provide more comfort to the teeth.

Constant Power Delivery

The use of manual toothbrushes relies on your arm and hand motion. On the other hand, a power toothbrush provides a similar motion throughout the brushing. Furthermore, an electric brush offers 30,000 movements of bristles in one minute.

Different Brush Heads Come with Their Uses

Different toothbrush heads give you the option to achieve the result you desire. Few heads are appropriate for individuals with sensitive teeth. However, others come with rotating features for deep cleaning of the mouth.

Choosing the Right Brush for You

Electric toothbrushes are a worthy investment that can benefit your mouth health. When deciding about an electric toothbrush for you or your kid, you may get overwhelmed by the numerous models available.

Make sure you pick the one with the ADA seal of approval. If you are still not sure what type of electric brush is best for your teeth, get in touch with our dentist in SE Calgary immediately.

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Electric toothbrushes are designed to keep your gums, teeth, and tongue healthy and clean for longer. The bristles on the standard brushes fail to reach all the areas within the mouth. It helps in eliminating tartar and plaque accumulation between the teeth effectively.

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