A Definitive Guide to Emergency Dentistry

A Definitive Guide to Emergency Dentistry

Jul 01, 2020

Emergency dentistry plays a fundamental role in any dental plan. It is necessary always to remember that you or your loved ones could be faced with a dental emergency at any given time, and may need to look for an emergency dentist in Calgary.

Having a reliable emergency dentist near you that you can visit during a dental emergency should be considered as part of a well-established dental plan. This because dental emergencies are undeniably unpredictable.

You never can forecast when you urgently need emergency dentistry services, and as such, you should always strive to be prepared for such an outcome.

Although we all have a dedicated dentist that we regularly visit, for our check-ups, routine cleaning, and dental procedures, it is vital to have an emergency dentist in Calgary AB on call.

This is because you or your family members may be faced with a dental emergency at a time when your regular dentist is unavailable. Maybe their office is closed for the day, or it’s a holiday, and you cannot seem to get through to them.

This is why your dentist should recommend a reliable emergency dentist in Calgary.

Our emergency dentist near you can offer medical assistance in case your dentist is unavailable to do so during your dental emergency.

Why Should You Have An Emergency Dentistry Contact With You?

There are several reasons you should count having an emergency dentistry contact as an essential addition to your regular dental plan. It would be best if you had the contact to our emergency dentist in Calgary AB beforehand because;

  • Dental emergencies are time-sensitive and cannot be put off till your dentist is available to address them
  • Trying to single out an emergency dentistry that you can rush to during a dental emergency can be a frustrating fete, this is because during such an emergency you will not have the patience to do so
  • Having an emergency dentist contact gives you peace of mind knowing that, in case such a scenario unfolds you and your loved ones are covered
  • You need to know who to go to for medical assistance during a dental emergency, not knowing this can cause you to panic and make some costly mistakes during a dental emergency

When Do You Need Emergency Dentistry Services?

Distinguishing between a dental emergency and a non-emergency is a vital step towards preparing for a dental emergency.

Some guidelines can help you ascertain whether you should rush to visit our emergency dentist in Calgary.

You should contact our emergency dentistry under any of the following circumstances;

  • If you have any loose permanent teeth
  • If you notice any inflammation and persistent pain around your jawbone region or face
  • In case you experience any injury that results in profuse bleeding within or around your mouth
  • If you have a severe and persistent toothache or pain
  • Any painful swellings, bulges or knots on your gums
  • Any knocked out teeth
  • If you notice any persistent mouth ulcers that do not heal or clear out after two weeks
  • If you have any infection in your mouth, which may be indicated by fever, persistent toothache, tooth sensitivity and swelling on your gums
  • If you have any fractured teeth that are inducing a toothache

Dental Issues That are Commonly Treated In Our Emergency Dentistry

Here are some of the most common dental emergencies handled within our emergency dental facility;

  • 1. Abscessed Tooth

This is a dental condition that should not be overlooked because it is a life-threatening condition. It occurs when pus pocket forms within the root region of your affected tooth, resulting in a severe infection.

An abscessed tooth is usually indicated by a persistent toothache and sensitivity, foul breath, a fever, facial inflammation, and pimple-like swellings on the gum area around the affected tooth.

It would be best if you got this dealt with promptly as you risk the infection spreading onto the surrounding neck and head tissues.

You should rinse your mouth with some salty water, and make your way to our dentist. The saltwater serves to draw up the pus and alleviate the pain.

  • 2. Knocked – out tooth

This is a time-sensitive emergency. The quicker you get to our dentist, the higher the chances that the knocked-out tooth will be preserved and reinserted.

You should pick up the tooth by the crown, avoid interfering with its root, rinse it out carefully and try repositioning it within its socket.

If it cannot stay in place, carry it in a cup of milk to keep it moist as you rush to our dentist for treatment.

  • 3. Facial lacerations and Tears

Lacerations within or around your oral cavity can result in excessive bleeding if not treated promptly. It would help if you rinsed out the cuts with some warm water, try to stop the bleeding using some gauze, and then make your way to our dentist.

  • 4. Loose teeth

None of your permanent teeth should ever be loose. If they are, you should gently try to push them back into position, bite down to keep them in place as you go to our dentist for treatment.

At Sedona Dental, we offer top-notch emergency dentistry services, which guarantee to make your dental emergency a thing of the past.

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